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Current Programme

Our main debate is held at 8pm on the third Tuesday of every month, at St John’s Day Centre, Palmeira Square, Hove.

See The Venue page for details of where we meet. 

Our venue is currently closed due to COVID-19. Please check the website regularly for updates on reopening and virtual Zoom meetings


19th January
Public protest demonstrations are pointless

16th February
Technology is already making the climate debate irrelevant

16th March
Racism is too easy a slur

20th April
Religion does more harm than good

18th May
Graffiti is not art

15th June
Patriotism damages international relations

20th July
The Police Cannot Win

17th August
Truth is in the eye of the Beholder

21st September
Compulsory Vaccination is justified

19th October
Aid to developing countries encourages dependency

16th November
Justice is compromised by social media

21st December
History is bunk

Membership is £12 a year, visitors pay £2 per visit.
As a member OR visitor you may volunteer to speak on either side of the debate, assuming the slot is not already filled.

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