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“Graffiti is not art”

8pm, Tuesday 18th May.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, this debate will be on Zoom. Click HERE a few minutes before the start to join the zoom call.

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Was there ever a better time to restore the tradition of formal debate? Where one side presents an argument while the other listens carefully before responding. This is what the Brighton & Hove Debating Society has been doing for over 60 years. Our membership reflects the cosmopolitan mix of the Brighton and Hove area 


We meet on the third Tuesday of each month. Before COVID we met at St John’s Day Centre in Palmeira Square, but for the moment you can join us on Zoom. Please click here for more details on how to participate .


We believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and should be accorded a fair hearing.  Throughout the year we debate a wide range of topics from matters of public concern to lighter subjects. The Chair presides to ensure everyone abides by a few simple rules: to talk within the given time limit and to listen to other speakers without interrupting. 

In this way we maintain a friendly atmosphere.


April 2021 Debate – Religion does more harm than good

April 2021 Debate – Religion does more harm than good

Far less heat was generated than in the last debate. With both speakers proclaiming their atheism, and most of the audience self-identifying as non believers, the result was never in doubt.   The proposer Jean Yates, began by recognising the good works conducted...

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March 2021 Debate – Racism is too often a slur.

March 2021 Debate – Racism is too often a slur.

This, being the 6th debate in the Zoom series, attracted record attendance and delivered a compelling session. The proposer, Bola Anike, presented a measured case for retaining the support of the middle class liberal consensus. She argued that fear of false...

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