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Regular Debates

We hold a regular debate at 8pm on the third Tuesday of every month. The programme for these debates is published six months in advance and offers a wide range of subjects.

Some motions cover topical issues and current affairs but we also debate moral and religious issues, philosophical topics and of course something more light hearted at Christmas time! Generally there is something for everyone.

Speakers are usually our own members, but for some topics we invite guest speakers, usually from the local community.

See the “About Debating” section for more information on how a debate works.

Discussion Evenings

Discussion Evenings are smaller and less formal events held in members homes at least once a month. See here for more details.

Special Events

Every three monts or so we include additional special events in our programme. These are generally less formal than our regular debates but still have a speech-based format and encourages the audience to participate.

These events vary but can include:

  • Baloon Debates – where four or five main speakers compete for the audience votes rather than opposing each other directly)
  • Question Time – based on the popular TV “Question Time” or radio “Any Questions” formats
  • Discussion Format – a larger version of our Discussion Evening format where several topics are covered in an evening and there are no main speakers so the evening relies on audience participation

Social Events

Social events vary from year to year but always include an Annual Dinner and a Christmas Party. During the summer months members often organise rambles or similar events.